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               A Djerba International Polyclinic, the Radiology Department is located in the basement of the clinic, radiology department is almost the largest department of the clinic.

               Indeed, this service provides a gateway book for him a reception as great as the reception of the clinic, admissions can be made directly in this service by going on site or by calling the direct number of radiology services (75 623 238).

               The Radiology Department has:

  • 2 full OS LUNGS: The first room on the first floor right next to the emergency and is intended for patients in Emergency Radio. The second room to when it is localized in the radiology department and contains a Standard and Radio Telemetry, it is also equipped with a mobile radio device usually intended for patients in intensive care or who can not leave their bed

  • A room Ultrasound: this room contains two ultrasound scanners. A large ultrasound that allows for echocardiography. The second is smaller is to allow the rest of the body, it is also mobile and can treat patients in intensive care and who can not leave their beds.

  • A Room For Mammography: mammography Contains the point of technology and allows exploration of breasts.

  • A room Scanner: Contains a scanner 16 bars.

  • An MRI room

               In the radiology department, the nursing crew consists of professional radio technicians,                experienced, welcoming, friendly and smiling, always ready to satisfy the needs of their patients and ensuring the smooth running of their radiological procedures.

               The medical crew consists of the most renowned radiologists, these doctors are always available to listen to patients and their families.






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Emergency Department is permanently ensured by an emergency physician present 24H / 24