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            Objective Polyclinic Djerba International:

            The health of our patients is the main occupation of Djerba International Polyclinic. Our patient should be well received, also good care and surround, informed and supported and with it the best way. The goal of all of our medical professionals and is organized in order to know the needs of patients, to implement the appropriate service and evaluate its effectiveness for improved continuously.

            Quality of service:

            Polyclinic Djerba International is committed to a policy and security of care focused on patient care. This policy is supported by concrete measures which improve medical professional practices and ensure all about customer satisfaction.

            Our quality of service has the task of implementing these measures, including through a quality improvement program. It ensures the accompaniment of our health professionals in quality projects, and healthcare security approach.

            In other words, Djerba International Polyclinic follows a number of procedures to measure the quality of its service and the management of these patients.

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Emergency Department is permanently ensured by an emergency physician present 24H / 24