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            Polyclinic Djerba International offers these patients who want cosmetic surgery, in fact, cosmetic surgery is a surgical specialty combining interventions that include improved physical appearance.
            Among the disciplines of cosmetic surgery mostly found, surgery of the face that allows the nose surgery (rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), the chin surgery (Genioplasty), protruding ears, the keyed (Micro grafting or shreds), cosmetic surgery also allows you to change the shape of the jaws, cheekbones and skull (maxillofacial surgery and craniofacial). With the silhouette of surgery you can treat breast (eg prosthetics for increased breast size), stomach surgery, arms, buttocks, thighs, knees and calves (whether by reinjection of fat, liposuction or suction). The lift allows you to rejuvenate the face and firm thighs, buttocks, arms ... Dermabrasion reduces scarring by grinding.
            Our team polyclinic International Djerba leaves nothing to chance so before beginning a cosmetic surgery, there should be a discussion between the patient and our cosmetic surgeon, in fact, this interview allows our determined surgeon motivations of his patient and he clearly explained the course of the intervention, the risk of complications, and limitations of the operation. After the patient will be followed by a medical examination to anesthesia determined the mode to use (eg local anesthesia, regional anesthesia or general anesthesia) .Other tests may also be useful such as an x-ray or scan in particular to study the nasal septum, you can also have recourse to an MRI to screen for greasy surpluses ankles, knees ... in fact even a psychiatric consultation can sometimes proved indispensable.
For minor procedures in cosmetic surgery, day procedures are sufficient. By against the risk of postoperative complications require longer hospital stays, as in the case of general anesthesia or local anesthesia potentiated lasting longer than half an hour.
            For its aesthetic surgery department, polyclinic Djerba International makes available to patients want cosmetic surgery, the best cosmetic surgeons, a large specialized medical team and well trained, well equipped rooms of operations and suitable price. In our clinic in Djerba You can find any type of cosmetic surgery including:


            Facial Surgery:

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            Mini lift.
            Lifting sourcil.

            Eye Surgery:

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            Surgery eyelids.
            Surgery rings.

            Rhinoplasty and correcting tip nose:

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            Nose Surgery.
            Surgery of the nose.

            Operations on the lips:

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            Increase lips.
            Surgery lips.

            Chin implant AND CORRECTION OF CHIN:

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            chin surgery.
            Double chin.
            Neck lift.

            Ear Surgery:

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            Fixed an earlobe.
            ear surgery.

            Intervention chest:

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            Mammal augmentation.
            Breast augmentation: Breast prosthesis.
            Breast augmentation: Breast Implants.
            Breast reduction.
            Lifting breasts.
            Nipples returned.
            Surgery nipples.
            areola reduction.

            The LIPO:

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            Lymphatic Drainage.

            Intervention on the stomach:

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            stomach surgery.
            Intervention on the belly tuck.
            Intervention on the belly: Lifting belly.

            intervention in the body:

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            Lifting arms.
            Labia reduction.
            Labi plasty.

            Lifting of the thighs and buttocks:

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            buttocks prosthesis.
            Lifting buttocks.
            Lifting thighs.



            Wrinkle treatment by injection.
            Injection against the sweating.
            Injection against expression lines.
            Surgery Hair: micro grafting.

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