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Gynecomastia in Djerba:

Aesthetic surgery of Gynecomastia in Jerba, Polyclinic Jerba International

                Polyclinic Jerba International, leader of clinics in Tunisia and largest clinic in Djerba, encompasses most medical and surgical specialties. Among the aesthetic operations in Djerba in our clinic we have Gynecomastia.

                Indeed, almost 50% of men suffer from an excessive development of the breasts, some men are embarrassed by their developed breasts and think of a reduction, the aesthetic operation of gynecomastia is the solution for them.

                First of all, our surgeon first seeks the cause of gynecomastia to ensure the success of his intervention. It should be noted that the development of the breasts in man is not an abnormal phenomenon. As in women, the breasts of man contain mammary glands and lactiferous canals. Generally, this development is due to corpulence. In this case, the breasts consist mainly of greasy tissue. Gynecomastia can also be the result of hormone problems, the use of drugs or even exposure to certain products.

                Concerning the intervention of the aesthetic operation of Gynecomastia, it can be treated in different ways however of the degree of development of the breasts. When gynecomastia is due to skin exercise, the surgeon applies the technique of breast reduction. However, this technique causes considerable scarring. This technique is not often used. In general, our cosmetic surgeon only uses techniques that leave visible scars.

                Another possibility is to remove fat using a lipo sculpture. This aesthetic intervention is very easy to achieve, but it does not offer results when the glandular tissue is very hard.

                The third technique is the most frequent technique in our operating rooms and consists of two parts. Our aesthetic surgeon removes subcutaneous glandular tissue and realizes a lipo sculpture. The procedure lasts approximately one and a half hours and takes place under general anesthesia. Our surgeon performs a subcutaneous dissection to remove excess glandular tissue and this in order to limit the scars.

                With regard to the post-operative care of the aesthetic operation of gynecomastia, drains can be set up during the treatment of this operation. These drainage tubes are used to avoid hematomas. Generally, these tubes are removed after 24 hours. After the operation, the incision is closed and covered with a dressing. This dressing is used to reduce swelling and must be worn day and night. Two weeks after the treatment of gynecomastia, the stitches are removed. Then, our patient can pass the scars while paying attention with a moisturizer.

                After its aesthetic operation, our patient must avoid physical exertion and sports activities for at least the first three weeks after the operation. One week after the aesthetic operation of gynecomastia, our patient can return to work. Generally the operation of cosmetic surgery of gynecomastia in Djerba is definitive.

                Before his aesthetic operation at the Polyclinic Djerba International, we plan an interview between our patient and our cosmetic surgeon in Djerba and those in order to give him all the details necessary for the smooth running of his surgical aesthetic operation.

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