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Hair Surgery in Djerba: micro graft

Aesthetic surgery of micro hair transplant in Djerba: Polyclinic Djerba International

                When baldness is pronounced it becomes embarrassing, indeed, although this problem is typically masculine, some women also suffer from pronounced baldness, in this case the hair transplant becomes the solution, certainly it is expensive, but it is especially aesthetic , Discreet and durable. Today two main techniques are used in our clinic in Djerba.

                The first method, also known as the strip method, is mainly a 1 cm wide horizontal strip, which is taken under local anesthesia for a length of 12 to 23 cm, which is at most one ear the other. Then this strip is micro cut in order to recover the bulbs that will be reimplanted by the cosmetic surgeon and distributed on the stripped area. The dermatologist closes the so-called sampling area with the aid of sutures, which will leave a fine horizontal linear scar of a millimeter of bard at the back of the head. This aesthetic technique is used by almost 90% of estheticians because it offers a large quantity of implants of good quality.

                This cosmetic surgery method of micro hair transplant caters well to men than to women, the coverage capacity is greater than this for the second method, it is the aesthetic solution suitable for large calvities. This method of cosmetic surgery lasts about 2 to 3 hours during which a good number of implants are taken and re-implanted in the bare areas, almost between 1200 to 1500 implants or a quantity of hair between 3000 and 5000 hair. As for post-operative care, it should be noted that there is no pain during the operation which takes place under local anesthesia, but after the operation there are treatments that can Pain for the patient and do so may swell a few days because of anesthesia. Then crusts will form at the point of impact of the implants and disappear during the first 8 and 10 days. As for the result, it is final 8 months after the operation, and if a new session is necessary, it can be done after 1 year of the first session.

                Second method, known as the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, is an aesthetic micro hair transplant technique that takes the bulbs from the donor's back scalp directly using a small surgical drill of 1 to 0.7 millimeter of diameter. Then the bulbs will be re-planted in the area to be covered, this technique is not usually applied to large calvities, but it is adapted to small areas. In most cases, the sampling area should be completely shaved, which can be a problem.

                This method of so-called FUE hair surgery is highly recommended in people who will have less effective scarring, so a less visible scar. And this is why cosmetic surgeons reserve this method in men, for patients under 35 years of age. This technique is less recommended for women because it imposes in most cases to shave the area of ​​collection and that women spontaneously heal better than men. The duration of the aesthetic operation of the FUE is generally between 5 and 10 hours, it varies according to the area to be covered, during this period the patient is seated or lengthened. Just like the first method of hair surgery called the tape method, the FUE takes place under local anesthesia and no pain is felt by the patient during the operation. The FUE sequences are shorter and less painful than the Bandelet method, and crusts and redness only last an average of 5 days. The advantage of this technique is that it leaves no scar because it does not use any scalpel or stitches.

                Thanks to our operating rooms equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and our medical skills and cosmetic surgery, Polyclinic Djerba International is the best destination to choose for the smooth running of your aesthetic operations.

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