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Injection against perspiration in Djerba:

Injection against sweating in Tunisia and Djerba, Polyclinic Djerba International

                Polyclinic Djerba International, leader of clinics in Tunisia and containing most of the medical and surgical specialties, among the aesthetic surgical specialties practiced in our clinic in Djerba there is injection against sweating.

                Indeed this phenomenon is also called hyperhidrosis (it is the excessive production of sweat), it is necessary to know that the sweat is manufactured by the annexes of the skin (eccrine and apocrine glands), its secretion is under the dependence of the Sympathetic nervous system and regulated by the hypothalamus. Sweating is a normal response to the increase in body temperature that is caused by heat, physical exercise, fever, and also to emotion.

                This phenomenon is generally felt to be very unpleasant. Injection treatment is a fairly simple solution for this disadvantage. This intervention is quite simple in our clinic in Djerba it consists of injecting a small dose of product in the armpits. One to three days after the injection treatment, you can already notice a clear improvement. Scientific studies have shown that sweating decreases by 87% one week after the product injection. The result is optimal after two weeks and lasts on average six to nine months. After this period, injection treatment may be repeated.

                In our clinic in Djerba, we always prefer to organize an interview between our patient and our aesthetic surgeon and those in order to give him all the details necessary for the smooth running of his aesthetic operation.

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