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Injection against wrinkles of expression in Djerba:

Injection against wrinkles of expression in Djerba, Polyclinic Jerba International

                Polyclinic Djerba International is the leader of clinics in Tunisia, and containing most of the medical and surgical specialties, among the aesthetic operations in Djerba, our clinic also contains injection against expression wrinkles.

                Indeed, in the health of our operating rooms, the product is directly injected into the muscle of the patient to be treated and those with the aid of a very sine needle. This product paralyzes the muscles and reduces the over-cavity of the small muscles that form wrinkles of expression. Injections in small amounts allow locally relax the muscles of the face and make wrinkles disappear.

                The filling of wrinkles by injection proves to be effective for the treatment of crow's feet. Horizontal wrinkles at the forehead and wrinkles of expression. The other parts of the face such as the mouth, the cheeks or the area around the eyes can not undergo the same treatment because these areas are very important for the natural appearance of our patient.

                Filling by injection of wrinkles does not require anesthesia and takes place during a general consultation. After the procedure, our patient can immediately resume his activity. The effect of these injections appears after 5 days and is lost approximately six months after. After this period, our patient can undergo a new treatment of wrinkle fillings in Djerba.

                In our clinic in Djerba, it is planned to organize an interview between our patient and our cosmetic surgeon in order to provide us with all the details on the smooth operation of the aesthetic operation.

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