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Lifting arm in Djerba:

Lifting arm at Polyclinic Djerba International

                Among the various aesthetic surgical operations carried out in the operating rooms of our clinic in Djerba, Polyclinic Djerba International also offers for these patients the cosmetic surgery of arm lifting.

                What causes a person to resort to an aesthetic arm lifting operation is usually excess skin that can occur with age, or even as a result of pregnancy or excessive weight loss. This excess concentrates mainly in the upper third of the internal surface of the arm and inside the thighs; the aesthetic surgical operation of lifting of the arms consists of removing the excess skin and to treat the slackening of the skin.

                This cosmetic surgery is common in our clinic in Djerba, and is realized for aesthetic motivations. This operation lasts about two hours and takes place under local anesthesia. The lifting of the arms consists of removing the excess of skin which concentrates especially on the inside face of the arm. And an arm lift is often combined with a lipo sculpture that involves removing accumulations of fat.

                After surgery in our clinic in Djerba, our surgeon applies a dressing. Afterwards, he removed it two weeks after the cosmetic surgery of the arm lift. However it advises our patients to make physical efforts during the first me following the aesthetic operation of arm lifting.

                Our plastic surgeon removes excess skin on the inside of the arm to obtain a discreet scar. The scar generally descends from the armpit to the elbow. In the first few months, the scar is likely to be red and lumpy. The scars bleach and fade a year after the arm lift. And you have to protect the scar from the sun all the first year.

                A Polyclinic Djerba International, it is essential that we organize an interview between the patient and our aesthetic surgeon, in order to give him all the advice and information about his operation and those for its smooth operation.


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