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Lipoaspiration in Djerba:

Lipoaspiration in Djerba, Polyclinic Djerba International

                Polyclinic Djerba International, leader of the clinics in Tunisia, offers to these patients’ spacious operating rooms allowing all surgical or aesthetic operations, equipped with the best medical, biomedical and orthopedic equipment. Our clinic in Djerba contains among its staff the best medical specialists and surgeons of our region and all Tunisia.

                Among the aesthetic surgical operations practiced in our clinic in Djerba there is the liposuction. Indeed, thanks to modern techniques of liposuction, our surgeons can remove fat in people of all ages. That said, we advise all our patients to diet before liposuction. In this way, fat overloads will be better identified.

                Under the influence of certain hormones, your body can accumulate fats in some places, which are resistant to dieting and intense sports activities. In women, fat accumulations are usually around the navel and in the area of axes and thighs. In men, these fat accumulations are mainly centralized at the waist. Lipoaspiration is considered an intervention that corrects the silhouette, not as an aesthetic surgical method used to lose weight.

                It should be known that the two words of Lipoaspiration and Lipo sculpture are most often used as synonyms. But whatever the term is used, Polyclinique Djerba Internationale is today the most effective way to achieve an aesthetic and harmonic silhouette. Lipoaspiration when it comes to it is a more advanced version of liposuction. It is a harmonious and also non-traumatic aspiration of excess fat cells.

                It is obligatory that our patient always takes precautions before an aesthetic operation of liposuction and for that a preoperative assessment is carried out according to the prescriptions. Our anesthetist will be seen in consultation no later than 48 hours before liposuction. Smoking is not a formal contraindication, but nevertheless has certain adverse effects on wound healing. In our clinic in Djerba we always advise our patients not to smoke at least one before and after the aesthetic operation of liposuction.

                Stopping oral contraception may also be required, especially in the case of associated risk factors (obesity, poor vinous status, coagulation disorder). So it is better for our patients to undergo lymphatic drainage, a massage that promotes capillary circulation before and after the aesthetic operation of liposuction.

                With regard to the intervention of the operation of liposuction, it makes it possible radically to eliminate, definitively localized fat overloads. From very small incisions, our aesthetic surgeon introduces foam cannulas with a rounded end, not sharp and perforated at the end of several orifices. These cannulas are connected in a closed circuit and in this circuit will create a negative pressure. The practice of liposuction can be applied to the tummy, buttocks, hips, thighs, upper arm, inside of the knees, neck and chin.

                Thanks to recent advances in our clinic in Djerba, the use of very fine cannulas allows the skin to be much less bruised during liposuction. The appearance of the skin can even be improved by the cutaneous retraction that generates a superficial lipoaspiration correctly carried out in order to obtain a more beautiful skin.


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