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Liposuccion in Djerba:

Aesthetic surgical operation of liposuction in Djerba (Polyclinic Djerba International)

                Among the various aesthetic surgery operations performed in the operating theaters of Polyclinic Djerba International, one of the most practiced are the liposuction operations. It should be noted that liposuction is advised when some patients have localized fat overload do not go away despite a diet or physical exercise.

                It is necessary to know that, in our clinic in Djerba, a properly performed liposuction makes it possible to effectively improve the silhouette of our patient. However, liposuction is not a solution to overweight and obesity, and it will not save a better lifestyle.

                Liposuction is an aesthetic surgery that corrects the forms of a patient's body. Liposuction is an operation that removes and sucks fat and can be considered the precursor of lipo-sculpture. Indeed, a liter of fat weighs almost 500 grams, so the cosmetic surgery of liposuction is not a method to lose weight easily, it is an aesthetic solution for the correction of the silhouette.

                During an aesthetic surgery of liposuction, our aesthetic surgeon injects tubes allowing the suction of the fat which will then be evacuated. The new methods generate fewer hematomas and the impressions of stiffness in the tissues are reduced. At Polyclinic Djerba International, our surgeons always operate with the most modern methods and surgical equipment. Today, fat removal is carried out more efficiently thanks to the advanced techniques of lipo-sculpture.

                At Polyclinic Djerba International, we always plan an interview between our cosmetic surgeon and our patient and those in order to give him all the advice and details for the smooth running of his cosmetic surgery of liposuction.


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