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Lymphatic Drainage in Djerba:

Lymphatic drainage at polyclinic Djerba International

                Lymphatic drainage is part of the various aesthetic surgical operations practiced in our clinic in Djerba, it is always preferable to undergo lymphatic drainage in Djerba, it is a massage that promotes capillary circulation and that is done to the health of our Clinical before and after the aesthetic operation of lipo sculpture. Indeed, the lymphatic drainage has a stimulating effect and combined with lip panty, it allows a better healing after the lipo sculpture.

                A lymphatic drainage in Djerba serves to prepare the body of our patient before the aesthetic operation of lipo sculpture, and those because the lymphatic system is formed of a liquid which is the lymph, and which circulates in the lymphatic vessels and irrigates organs Appendices. This system fulfills several functions such as the transport of edible fats or the elimination of waste, again the protection of the body against foreign bodies and, above all, it drains the interstitial fluid that bathes the cells. Lymph takes about 48 hours to complete the entire network, so lymphatic drainage is an automatic physiological function of the body that can be stimulated by massages.

                As regards post-operative care at Polyclinique Djerba International, after the lipo sculpture, our patient can return home on the day of his operation. However, we advised him that someone would come and get him. Our patient will not be able to drive and borrow public transport will be risky for him.

                During the first few hours following the lipo sculpture in our clinic in Djerba, the injuries of our patient can ooze. It is an injected liquid. After a few hours, this loss stops spontaneously. Our patient must wear a specific panty. This lipopanty is used to control swelling. It can not be removed before 8 pm and must be worn for 4 weeks.

                In our clinic we invite our patient also to remain at rest during the first me following the lipo sculpture.


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