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Reduction of the vaginal lips in Djerba:

Reduction of the vaginal lips in Djerba, Polyclinic Djerba International

                At Polyclinic Djerba International, our cosmetic surgeons practice all the aesthetic surgical operations, among these operations there is the aesthetic operation of reduction of the vaginal lips. Indeed, the disproportion of the vaginal lips can prove to be inconvenient at the physical as well as the aesthetic level. These moves can be adjusted with an aesthetic operation of small lips reduction, or labiaplasty. Because having vaginal lips imposing is embarrassing and talking about yourself is tricky. Despite this taboo, many women resort to a reduction of the labia minor.

                The aesthetic surgical procedure for small lips reduction is specially intended for women who are embarrassed by the lower lips (also called labia minora) may be too large. When women consider this phenomenon to be embarrassing, or consider it an aesthetic problem, for example during sexual intercourse, sports, or when wearing tight clothing, a reduction of the labia minora can be our clinic in Djerba.

                What drives a woman to resort to cosmetic surgery is more and more women consider their lips vaginal too large and turn to the surgery of reduction of the labia minora in Djerba. Yet many women who demand a reduction of the labia minora have vaginal lips that can be called normal as long as there is a great diversity of morphologies. But we must know that the perception of normality in a woman is greatly influenced by the search for a certain ideal. This does not detract from the legitimacy of a purely aesthetic approach. And to be able to better supervise this approach, aesthetic doctors at Polyclinic Djerba International take account of this variability to respond in a manner adapted to any request for reduction of labia minora.

                In our clinic in Djerba it is always essential to organize an interview between our patient who is going to do his esthetic operation of reduction of the vaginal lips and our surgeon aesthetic to better advice him and oriented in the choice of his operation and to Its smooth running.


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