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Surgery of buttocks using buttock prosthesis in Djerba:

Surgery of the buttocks in Djerba, Polyclinic Djerba International

                Our polyclinic in Djerba is the leader of the clinics of all Tunisia. Indeed, most surgical operations are performed in our operating theaters by the most renowned surgeons of the whole region. Among the many aesthetic operations performed, in our clinic in Djerba, our surgeons also perform buttock surgery and buttocks.

                Indeed, several women and men believe that their buttocks are too small or underdeveloped and they undergo an increase in buttocks. It is an aesthetic procedure performed in our clinic in Djerba that consists of modifying the size and shape of the buttocks using buttock prosthesis.

                With regard to the intervention of buttock surgery using buttock prosthesis in Djerba, the operation takes place under general anesthesia and lasts about one to two hours. Our aesthetic surgeon practices an incision of 5cm at the level of the coccygeal bone, between the buttocks. The buttock prosthesis is inserted by this incision and placed between the gluteus muscles, which will give our patients buttocks more round and bulkier. Our surgeon stitches each layer of skin using a soluble thread. Our aesthetic surgeon sutures the skin using non-soluble sutures. An increase in the buttocks in Djerba can be performed in combination with a lipo sculpture in contiguous areas and with a buttock lift.

                For the choice of prosthetic buttocks, our cosmetic surgeon determines with his patient the size and shape of the buttock prosthesis for the increase of buttocks. Before surgery. Our aesthetic surgeon decides or he will practice the incision and / or he will insert the buttock prosthesis in order to obtain the best possible result. A Polyclinique Djerba Internationale, we use only gluteus implants made of solid or cohesive silicone gel. The buttock prosthesis is firmer than the breast implants for women and softer than the pectoral prostheses for men. These buttock implants are a natural look and the silicone cannot disperse in the body even in case of crack in the wall of the buttock prosthesis.

                With regard to the postoperative care of the buttock surgery, our patients can return home on the very day of insertion of the buttocks. The buttocks will be swollen and bruises may occur. It is possible that our patients feel tension in the area treated, since the skin must adapt to the new contours of the buttocks. In our clinic in Djerba, we always advise our patients to wear a compressive undergarment day and night during the first weeks after insertion of the buttock prosthesis. The first six weeks following the butt augmentation, it is best to avoid any pressure on the buttocks. We advise our patients not to sleep on their backs. Use the car, bend over, raise things and play sports and sit in a straight position.

                In our clinic in Djerba it is always essential that we plan an interview between our patient interested in buttock surgery and our specialist aesthetic surgeon and those in order to provide him with all the details and advice regarding the operation and its smooth running.

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