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            Polyclinic Djerba International structure is an ideal structure worthy of the largest clinic in Djerba and all of southern Tunisia, in addition to the size of our clinic, ca service and ca perfect structure, our clinic and also extensible and provides unique services and construction services. Indeed, the basement of the clinic contains a radiotherapy unit which will be finalized soon and a rehab unit under construction, a huge medical group that will be finished soon and will there be in which the cabinées of the doctors deemed to Djerba in more than one laboratory.
            Our clinic located in Djerba Sidi Salem Road one kilometer after the Marina Djerba contains two entries. The clinic's façade is seen sea containing two disabled passages and leads you into the main reception of our clinical, very spacious and contains seating for waiting and reception staff always attentive. The second input and emergency entrance with a passage for just parked the ambulance in front to ease the passage of patients with critical emergency cases. The emergency contains an emergency reception with several nurses emergency present 24h / 24 and 7 days / 7, this service and provided with a milking déchoquage monitories with two positions, also provided with box 5 consultations with a plaster room and a suture room. A temporary hospital ward and emergency radiology room containing a mobile ultrasound machine for pressing needs and finally an ambulance vehicle equipped for resuscitation.

            Right next to the emergency still on the ground floor of our clinic is the maternity ward with a very comfortable waiting room, this service contains single and double as the selection of these patients, also contains an Operative block with three rooms of works, a cesarean room juxtaposed to maternity service work rooms also has a well-equipped neonatal unit. In the DRC is also found pediatrics and medicine.
            In the basement there is the radiology room containing a scanner MRI room of ultrasound, bone and lung X-ray room.
            The first floor contains the surgical ward, well equipped ICU with a good medical team, operating blocks, and endoscopy. This floor also contains differing room type, including single, double, lux and suites.
            The second floor contains as the first single, double, luxuries rooms and suites, it also contains a box nurse for the needs of our patients reached by elevator for the comfort of our patients.
            The structure of our clinic has made sure to provide comfort for our patients when medical facilities are made to ensured the recovery and the best care for our patients, in fact, our clinical but the layout of these patients comfort, the best medical equipment, the most experienced doctors in all of Tunisia, and a medical team trained undergoing continuous training.

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Emergency Department is permanently ensured by an emergency physician present 24H / 24