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            For cades Polyclinic Djerba International as for all his personal, the ultimate goal is the satisfaction and well-being of our patients, and those by any means. Indeed the patient must be comfortable whatsoever regarding space, hygiene, behavior of all staff and doctors with him ...

            To meet these dear patients, polyclinic Djerba International organized a structure for all the things that can touch and meet these patients.

            The first thing considered is hygiene. Indeed clinic should always be clean, disinfect, why Polyclinic Jerba International has put a structure for hygiene. Our general housekeeper spent several formations in the cleanliness and hygiene clinics, and this is also the case for all these employees and pass a training as a measure, this training relates to the parties clinics that are more sensitive other parts and sometimes require the presence of one or more maids and those 24/24, the cleaning method, in fact there there's clinical services that require special methods or products, these training also concern the use of cleaning products (choice of product, method of use, amount used ...).

            In second place, organization and space in our clinic are strictly considered. Indeed, patients rooms are spacious aside from being luxuries, emergency offices, box revives ... are spacious, and all to ease the passage of patients and assured comfort, entrance doors that whether for the main reception area of ​​the clinic, or emergency or radiology unit is spacious, corridors, emergency reception, main reception desk and radiology are also spacious.

            Finally, the most important thing to satisfy our dear patient, it is the behavior of staff and medical executives and agents with him. Polyclinic International Jerba is organized so that the patient is treated as best as possible and dice those entering the clinic whether by making appointments, or by mail to her doctor or the emergency it will be welcomed by its receptionists and nurses emergency or our switchboard, if the patient will go to the radiology department will be welcomed by our receptionist radiology and well treated by our radio technicians, if during the period of hospitalization by nursing and medical staff who will take good care of him until he is satisfied.

            For our Djerba clinical satisfaction and well being of the patient come first and mandatory thing that is for the cleanliness of food he will eat and even the area that will breathe our medical staff and her staff will always be in good listener and good advice. A polyclinic Djerba International All our patients are satisfied.



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Emergency Department is permanently ensured by an emergency physician present 24H / 24