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Belly surgery in Djerba:

Belly surgery at Polyclinique Djerba Internationale

                Polyclinic Djerba International is the reference of the Clinics in Tunisia, thanks to these specially equipped operating theaters and its team of experienced surgical specialists, our clinic in Djerba puts at the disposal of these patients all its potential and encompasses all the medical and surgical specialties. Indeed, the surgery of the belly is part of the various surgical aesthetic operations practiced in our clinic in Djerba.

                As for the surgery of the belly in Djerba, it is necessary to know that the abdominal wall degrades with the time. In this case, cosmetic surgery of the stomach or even call abdominal surgery is a good solution. The many elements help prevent a person from having flat stomach are usually age, heredity, lifestyle, anatomy, weight variations and pregnancies.

                The techniques used in our clinic in Djerba for abdominal surgery or abdominal surgery may vary according to our patients. Our surgeon will have to study each case precisely so that the result of cosmetic surgery of the belly is the most successful and satisfactory as possible.

                At Polyclinic Djerba International, a first consultation with our plastic surgeon is obligatory, because it is the opportunity to explain to our patients the exact technique of the cosmetic surgery of the belly, and which will be the most adapted to satisfy the expectations of the patient . In any case, an abdominal aesthetic surgery in our clinic in Djerba guarantees our patients a nice flat stomach.

                The cases for which it is advisable to do abdominal aesthetic surgery are people complexed by their stretch marks or their prominent belly, also people who do not find clothes that go to them, and also people who think too much that they are In enclosures. Other people also suffer from physical problems like back pain due to strong pressure on the muscles or the lumbar region, or skin infections usually in the folds of the skin.

                For all cases, a well performed belly surgery at the international Polyclinic Djerba, can help our patients solve these problems. The choice of the type of stomach surgery (abdominal aesthetic surgery) mainly depends on the elastic side of the skin, the right muscles of the abdominal wall and the size and position of the fat overload. Depending on the patient, our cosmetic surgeon can advise him on a muni lifting of the stomach which is possible in combination with a liposuction or a complete abdominal plasty.

                It should be noted that in our clinic in Djerba we advise against performing a cosmetic surgery of the belly before pregnancy. For, in fact, the muscles put back in place can again separate and the skin relaxes under the effect of pregnancy hormones.

                In the case of a person's overweight, our cosmetic surgeon advises you to attain a stable weight before considering abdominal surgery. Indeed, abdominal aesthetic surgery will not help you lose weight. In addition, being overweight means a higher risk of complications. It should be known that a result of an aesthetic surgical operation of the tummy always has a more stable result shit people with a stable weight.

                As far as surgical aesthetic operations of the belly in clinic note in Djerba, it is necessary to know that the results are remarkable and those thanks to the quality of the equipment and medical skills present at polyclinic Djerba Internationale. Rehabilitation of the muscle wall also increases functional comfort. The appearance of our patient's abdomen changes a lot, there will no longer be a prominent or falling stomach and the size will be reduced. The cicatrises do not disappear, but generally it becomes very discreet.


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