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Lifting belly: surgery of the abdominal wall in Djerba:

Facelift and surgery of the abdominal wall in Djerba, Polyclinic Djerba International

                Polyclinic Djerba International, leader of clinics in southern Tunisia, with its numerous operating theaters equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Our clinic in Djerba offers these patients the best treatment for the smooth running of their operations. Among the numerous cosmetic surgery operations practiced in our clinic in Djerba, our cosmetic surgeons also practice cosmetic surgery for belly surgery.

                Indeed, many people are hindered by their prominent belly, both physically and psychologically, these people resort to cosmetic surgical operations of facelift or abdominal lifting. It must be known that, the elasticity of the skin and the right muscles of the belly are often affected irreparably. But before starting a belly lifting surgery, our surgeon will receive his patient to make a diagnosis. After this diagnosis he can also propose a mini surgery of the abdominal wall or a total abdominoplasty.

                For patients who have excess skin and abdominal muscle problems do not lie only in the lower abdomen, the solution will be a mini facelift called belly again mini abdominal lifting. This mini facelift, in combination with liposuction, is the ideal solution for patients with poor skin elasticity, local fat overload and abdominal muscles released below the navel. A mini facelift is a less radical operation than a total abdominoplasty. The mini facelift makes fewer scars. During an abdominal facelift in our clinic in Djerba, the incision remains confined in the jersey. There is therefore only a discreet scar in the pubic hair and not around the navel. The scar of an abdominal facelift may be a bit red at first, and it fades the following months.

                During an aesthetic surgery of facelift in Djerba, our surgeon does not exceed the navel. Using a transverse incision in the lower abdomen, our aesthetic surgeon removes excess skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue from the abdominal wall to the navel. It should be known that during an aesthetic operation of mini facelift in Djerba the navel is not moved or distorted. The loosened layer is smoothed and sutured, it is possible that our surgeon removes the excess fat from the belly. This mini-facelift operation at Polyclinique Djerba International lasts about 1 hour 30 to 2 hours and usually takes place under general anesthesia, and our patients can go home on the day of their operation.

                As for the complete belly lifting, our surgeon can propose a total abdominoplasty to the patients who not only suffer from a fat overload, but also from a bad elasticity of skin and / or straight muscle stretched. This type of belly lifting can be done in our clinic in combination with liposuction on the flanks.

                During this procedure, our surgeon practices an incision under the shirt. Then it takes off the skin of the belly from the abdominal wall to the ribs and removes the excess of greasy tissue. Our surgeon repositioned, detaches and also attaches the navel properly. During this type of belly lifting surgery in Djerba, our surgeon tightens the two right abdominal muscles below the navel and he sutures them firmly. A total aesthetic surgery of the abdominal wall lasts about 2 hours and takes place under general anesthesia. Our patient can return home on the day of the surgery.

                A Polyclinic Djerba International the opinion of the doctor is always essential because when the fat is located beyond the abdominal wall, the facelift or liposuction are ineffective. Sometimes the protuberance of the belly is the result of intestinal dilatation and the accumulation of fat around the intestine. In the omentum which is the fold of the peritoneum containing fat which floats freely in front of the intestinal mass. Also in the mesos which is the folds of the peritoneum connecting the intestinal loops to the posterior wall of the abdomen.


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