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LABI PLASTY in Djerba, polyclinic international djerba

                A Polyclinic Djerba International, a labia plastie is intended for women who are embarrassed by lower lips (also called labia minora) that are too large. This aesthetic operation in Djerba is an effective solution when this phenomenon is troublesome, or that it is seen as a physical or aesthetic worry. Before the labia plasty, our surgeon receives his patient in consultation to answer all their questions. It will also recall the biological function of the vaginal lips. Then, the surgeon and the patient together determine the size of these small vaginal lips.

                The intervention of plastic surgery aesthetic surgery is a relatively simple procedure that allows the reduction of the labia minora and it lasts about an hour. After local anesthesia, our surgeon removes excess tissue. It removes excess suture with a resorbable wire. The suture is done by our zigzag surgeon to ensure a supple scar. A linear scar would contract during healing. Our patient can go home on the day of his aesthetic operation of reduction of the labia minora.

                As for the postoperative care during the labia plasty, the wound is sutured by our surgeon with a resorbable wire. It is therefore not necessary for the patient to return to his aesthetic surgeon to remove the stitches. That said, the reduction of labia minora requires special care the days following this aesthetic intervention.

                During the first two weeks, our surgeon recommends wearing a pantiliner, taking one to two times a shower a day and thoroughly cleaning the vagina after each saddle. After these two weeks, our patients can resume their usual activities. On the other hand, intercourse is discouraged during the first four weeks of convalescence of our patient.

                What our patients may consider inconvenient is that the labia minora may be slightly swollen and sensitive. The vaginal lips, containing many blood vessels, small flows of blood can also occur in the patient. Having sexual intercourse, urinating or being in a sitting position may be somewhat painful situations after the aesthetic operation of lip reduction. But quickly, the scars will be supple and imperceptible.

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